Noarthereonlyfat It was around this time she began to get an inkling of what was to become of her. She began to sweat in fear as she realised she'd been kidnapped. I mean just look at all that naughty, jiggly, blubber!. Explore the Best Bodyinflationinflation Art. Fat Fantasy for a Plump Little Piggy AUD 3. As she began to fill out develop. The Prince's Past Melody was already impressed, for her first date with a man she had met online only days ago she had to admit she felt a little swept off her feet. Tall, big windows, security doors- the works. Very Fattening Fantasies: Christina, Bridget, Brian, and the Body Butter. Jess' Fattening Fantasy (Full Story Parts 1 & 2). Soria had always been a little on the chubby side. Filling virtually every square inch of his cabin, …. 9K Watchers75 Deviations1M Pageviews. Lockdown (Pt 1,2,3,4) (This fiction features an unusually excited emphasis on eating when it occurs. It’s late at night and your partner is fast asleep but you can’t fall like he can. 1) Carrie Heffernan (King of Queens); 400-450 lbs; Fat Fic with Carrie going on a solo vacation for work. noarthereonlyfat: There’s just so much of her! <3 :D Look at that Fat Ass!. The thought of getting fatter turned her on even more. Silverpathfinder contest: Yuki's career “Come on almost there” Ash encourages the immense woman waddling next to her. Attention Whore (SSBBW, XWG) by STC9892, literature. Weight gain, inflation, bursting. Tabitha's Time (fan edit) Original story by Admirer "Tabitha! No more! You’ve had quite enough. Check out CountZero170's art on DeviantArt. A Dream Where You Get Way Too Fat (Part 2) by noarthereonlyfat, literature. myotherusername User Profile. She shuddered as his eyes began glowing an even more unnaturally bright shade of purple as he leaned in and whispered in her ear, "There's no such thing as 'too fat'. Of course once frozen you can go as big as you like at the expense of any realism. By her twenties she was downright F. The group left the two horny berry boys to their juicy selves as they continued down the hallway to continue the tour. All my clothes burst at the seams! He inspects me as I expand. NoSuchThingAsTooFatt User Profile. The car door slams and she draws a heavy exhausted sigh. Explore the Best Weightgainstories Art. Everything you feel is a form of pain - the aching of you cheeks from the clamps, the rawness in your throat from the feeding tube, the agony of your bloated belly, the searing of your skin from being so grossly overstretched. Four years later, a continuation of With another two installments forthcoming. It was the first week, and her freshman floor had gone to the dining hall as a group. Part 2 Sam Sam opened her mouth and yawned, rubbing the sleepy dust from her eyes. Her massively fat body was bound with tight leather straps. Drugs were something she normally didn’t do. Explore the noarthereonlyfat collection - the favourite images chosen by LustforMore on DeviantArt. noarthereonlyfat on DeviantArt https://www. His belly was massively swollen, so tight that it held in a perfect sphere even though it stuck out beyond where his arms could reach. Aug 4; Japan; Deviant for 2 years; They / Them; Badges. Gretel's Never Ending Gluttony Part 2 AUD 5. Very fat! She was quite a chubby teenager but was never allowed to eat as much as she wanted. Hello there, folks! Catching up, as usual These 3 MORPHS are available at my social networks: Kylie Jenner (another Kardashian chick, 210 lb), can be seen at my Instagram. Your heart races knowing that it maxes out at 150kgs. Hey this was really good! Was like a nicely edited storyboard. I had a piece of apple pie, a plate of ice-cream and some cheesecake. I think it's time we had a little chat about how FAT you're getting. AdjacentCircle User Profile. Tuma A beautiful girl grows fatter and fatter after drinking a milkshake which has been spiked with "super …. Check out ProGutChecker's art on DeviantArt. Too Fat by noarthereonlyfat, literature. (and 15 more) noarthereonlyfat reacted to a file: Gluttonous Possession | An Expansion Masterpiece December 10, 2022. Check out therealchinak's art on DeviantArt. As the weeks went on, Abigail’s waistline only continued to expand. Check out Burpinz's art on DeviantArt. Adipose Labs by OWREHL on DeviantArt. All the art you never knew you needed. The Immensely Porky Princess, Chapter 1. When he touched the fabric of her underwear she shuddered causing all her flab to jiggle wildly. (audio transcript of the above link) Hi there Little Piggy. I mean just look at all that naughty, jiggly, blubber! Why can’t you stop eating fatty? Are you really that hungry all the time? Do you like being a greedy fat little glutton?. YOU COULD'VE READ THIS 30 DAYS AGO BY SUBSCRIBING TO MY PATREON. She was never able to resist the temptation of fattening foods, a greedy girl who always wanted MORE! However, being only nineteen she often felt very embarrassed about her weight, but that was simply. noarthereonlyfat Follow Hi there Little Piggy, I think it’s time we had a little chat about how FAT you’re getting. The woman was panting like she had ran a marathon “Alright Yuki, you can sit down again. She sat down on the chair, the dentist put on a surgical mask and began to ask her some questions, how. I was quite chubby already, not huge by any means, but I had carried enough puppy. When she awoke she was lying on the bed, propped up by the pile of pillows. Your thick thighs spread apart, feet stretching under the table. Gretel's Never Ending Gluttony Part 2. Weighing In by noarthereonlyfat, literature. Golden Fork Tier! Get access to my more explicit works, or just show some support for this dumbass rat! You Might Like…. Exercizing was more of a chore than an enjoyment these days, and she was becoming. He rubbed the sides of her extended belly as she ate more and more. I'd dreamed for so long about the day I lost my mobility, but I never expected anything like how it turned out. and in my Facebook, Bryce Dallas Howard (dinosaur chick, 300 lb), can be seen at my Instagram and Facebook here, Hailey Frederiksen (cowgirl chick, Miss Rodeo …. Collection Coming Soon! Watch NedSonntag to be the first to see new deviations. screwedontight User Profile. Reena's Return by sfx777 on DeviantArt. inside the display on an ornamental plate was a large pound cake, covered with a light drizzling of frosting on top, with one slice cut out and laid to the side for show, the knife laying idly at the side of the plate. "One piece only, huh?" Ava ran her fingertip along the glass display where the sign was laid. Explore the NoArtHereOnlyFat collection - the favourite images chosen by danield63 on DeviantArt. The Chocolate Touch (Weight Gain Story) Ashley loved chocolate. All You Can Eat (an AI writing experiment). Hey, big fan of yours! I heard you like fatty stories, feel free to check out my page, in case I have anything you might like. FatBoySkinnyGirl is not a Group Admin yet. "This is the life," Annie thought to herself, "but why stop now?" She thought of her sister Gina, who was still considerably larger than herself, and she thought of her beloved, who would be coming home in a week, and she thought of the cookie dough which she had left in the kitchen, and with that thought she heaved herself up out of the pool …. She moaned and struggled but found she was completely strapped down, even her head was bound to the back of the chair. Estonia; Deviant for 3 years; She / Her; Badges. I would be more enthusiastic, but it is 2 in the morning, and i need to sleep. Check out makingitup's art on DeviantArt. noarthereonlyfat replied to noarthereonlyfat 's topic in Your Stories. Massive mounds jutted out of the anime figurine's chest. Check out iammysecretself's art on DeviantArt. Too fat and helpless to even reach for more food, but don’t worry, I’ll keep feeding you more, and more, and more! Pancakes, donuts, cupcakes, pies, chocolate, ice-cream, so much food! And you have to eat it ALL! I won’t want to stop until you’re the fattest naughtiest piggy. Check out biggirl48's art on DeviantArt. The Fat Dream by noarthereonlyfat on DeviantArt. When your sisters by EmilyWithLove on DeviantArt. Sally was once again aroused in her blissfully relaxed state. Kristy was a girl with a secret vice. GottaBeThickerNThat hasn't posted a status update yet. It starts out with me naked and lying stretched out on the centre of a very large bed in an exquisitely furnished room. tigerbostonlake User Profile. Contains: Feedism, extreme out of control gluttony, consensual and non-consensual fattening, weight humiliation and teasing, massive weight gain, rapid fat expansion/inflation fantasies. Disclaimer: All characters in this written work are above the legal age of 18 year old, this work is purely fiction and fantasy with the only purpose is to entertain, NOT to be a reliable source of historical accuracy. So you’re laying awake, bored and get on YouTube. Decryption Key: mWDRz51K4DKANPrtCC787w. She was only nineteen and this was the first time she'd been in quite a few years. ssbbwworshipper User Profile. A short rapid weight gain tale about a …. She was a very thin dark haired teenager but this wasn’t always the case. She was surrounded by mountains of fast food and junk food, finally living her ultimate fantasy. Explore the Best Expansionweightgain Art. There is only one chair, and it appears to be reserved with a small elegant white card placeholder that reads: “Reserved for: The Hungriest Glutton” Sitting at the table is a tubby little. Excerpt from story: Fat Fantasy for a Plump. “Whew, I’m BEAT!” Marissa pants, leaning against the wall of the bare living room, the only furniture being a series of towers, built high high with full, cardboard boxes. Each hip grazed their respective edge of the bed. softGirllover User Profile. Check out gxgabriel's art on DeviantArt. Lockdown (Pt 1,2,3,4) by xoxodiablo, literature. noarthereonlyfat on DeviantArt">Burp! by noarthereonlyfat on DeviantArt. All her troubles had started at her local bakery where she stopped by innocently one day on her way home from her part. Unusually Soft Punishment. You stare at yourself in the mirror, your big round tummy, your large full breasts, your soft wide hips, every inch of you looking like it’s ready to. As a lust demon, she was a highly …. A case of fat flotation and magical Devil Dog snack cakes for this lass. body { -ms-overflow-style: scrollbar; overflow-y: scroll; overscroll-behavior-y: none; }. Buy Gluttonous Destruction Chapter 1 - The Unstoppable Appetite, Miss Eat All Sundaes #1, Fridge Raider, Giantess Sisters, She (Didn't) Really Have it Coming and more. She had no idea what she was getting herself info. The Dough Girl by noarthereonlyfat, literature. Buy Fat Fantasy for a Plump Little Piggy, Jess' Fattening Fantasy (Full Story Parts 1 & 2), Fat Therapy, Gretel's Never Ending Gluttony Part 2, Gretel's Never Ending Gluttony Part 1 and more. Plump Cheerleading Practice. Buy She (Didn't) Really Have it Coming, DragonBall FattieZ, Bumpers Girls: Customer Satisfaction, Jess' Fattening Fantasy (Full Story Parts 1 & 2), The Date Diet - Ashleys New Appetite - January 2021 Comic and more. Check out fly-bye's art on DeviantArt. Yeah I’m Jess, your porky fat excuse for a daughter. Want to discover art related to bodyinflationinflation? Check out amazing bodyinflationinflation artwork on DeviantArt. Tabitha stood 5'2" tall and wore her 236 pounds well. Check out The-Fun-Police's art on DeviantArt. The brick and mortar building could've been any other bank, in any other city. What happens when two girls in a mutually gaining feedee relationship befriend a multibillionaire who also happens to be a feeder? The loving couple begin their journey towards. After years of being taunted about her weight by a popular girl a fat ex-cheerleader finally snaps, and with the aid of a mysterious entity is able to turn the tables by using her own gluttony to fatten up ms popularity. She was a bit hazy from being out all night and also because her friends had coaxed her into smoking a large amount of weed for the first time. She hoped she didn't have any cavities. A Weight Gain Vignette by MusclesFit, literature. She stumbled through her small university apartment, grabbing things almost at random and shoving them into a bag with a frantic look in her eyes. FatManReturns hasn’t joined any Groups yet. My sexual fantasies have always been on the weird side. Marianne Grows Into Happiness (Fire Emblem Three Houses/Commission) Marianne von Edmund had been silently suffering for a very, very long time. The dimly lit room illuminated by the soft blue glow of a 75in tv. Explore the Noarthereonlyfat collection - the favourite images chosen by Alexsaursrex on DeviantArt. First it was just a groan from the strain of moving in his current condition. His name was Lydian, and their phone conversation. This image is from what used to be E. All Products erotic audio Weight Gain BBW - SSBBW Feedism Body Inflation/Expansion. Fat Therapy by noarthereonlyfat on DeviantArt">Fat Therapy by noarthereonlyfat on DeviantArt. Sarah’s large round belly rumbled, she was even more hungry than usual. Ssheranshe411 User Profile. Trip to the Dentist by noarthereonlyfat, literature. 3- Bursting Her Buttons: A Female WG Story by PffedUp, literature. squishnerd hasn’t joined any Groups yet. 4 Followers, 110 Following, 0 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from …. The Unstoppable Appetite of Portia Jones by noarthereonlyfat, literature. Sasha was a cute teenage girl who was pretty athletic during school as she did dance and other extra curricular activities. From her very first words, which happened to be “I want more cake!” to her teenage years she was a chubby little girl. Once they’ve joined Groups, you’ll see them here. Fat Princess - The Full Story by noarthereonlyfat, literature. A new outfit for Ellie, with a slight adjustment to her pose. Explore the Fat Animations collection - the favourite images chosen by Atlya on DeviantArt. I lay in bed, my stomach swollen with the excess of food I had consumed that day. Hi there Little Piggy, I think it’s time we had a little chat about how FAT you’re getting. DeviantArt Facebook DeviantArt Instagram DeviantArt Twitter. She blushed as she realised the sounds she'd made were audible. Attention Whore (SSBBW, XWG) WHAT'S IN THIS: A THIN WOMAN GETS FAT AS FUCK FOR INTERNET CLOUT. By the time she finished the main course Lucy had gotten so fat she could barely lift an arm or leg let alone move. #comic #BBW #Weight Gain #Fetish comic #Feederism. 4 Followers, 110 Following, 0 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @noarthereonlyfat. I had a fat fetish, and I loved feeling my body grow bigger and bigger. KinkyUtterances's Achievements Rookie (2/17) Recent Badges 3. Check out ThelightInDark's art on DeviantArt. Join the community to add your comment. See the rest of the story in my gallery! You Might Like…. Gretel's Never Ending Gluttony Part 2. "Shhh I think the lack of protein is getting to your head! Let me fill you up with some more real quick!". About Contact Core Membership …. Slowly, Nicole noticed the rest of the doll's significant features: a pair of horns extending out of its green-colored hair, hooves instead of feet, and a cow's tail growing out of its lower back. Well these days it's wasn't so secret. Sarah Makes a Choice (extended ending). " Tabitha's face blushed absolutely. Add to it or simply scroll through and soak it up. Assignment 1 Two females are eagerly awaiting. There she was legs spread in bed with her belly spilling forward onto the mattress in front of her. A new location with indoor and outdoor artwork: Big Bertha's Buffet. [content warning: this story contains massive female weight gain, messy eating, and teasing. Pinned beneath the weight of your monstrously swollen stomach. So fat and round you can't even reach your own bellybutton. You lay there, spread-eagled, in the centre of the bed. Contains a sexy threesome as Christina and Bridget find themselves expanding and fattening completely out of control, with their new friend Brian gleefully sandwiched between their huge fat bodies. Stoned by noarthereonlyfat, literature. noarthereonlyfat User Profile. FornaxCollector User Profile. A Fattening Revenge by noarthereonlyfat on DeviantArt. What happens when two girls in a mutually gaining feedee relationship befriend a multibillionaire who also happens to be a feeder?. Layla's Big Fat Performance by noarthereonlyfat, literature. Check out TheCrazyGuy's art on DeviantArt. The Immensely Porky Princess, Chapter 1 by noarthereonlyfat, literature. The Dough Girl by noarthereonlyfat on DeviantArt">The Dough Girl by noarthereonlyfat on DeviantArt. She’d always been fat but during her high school years she’d really packed on the pounds. A hazy fog clears to reveal a dimly lit dining room containing a large oak table. "Y'all little cuties behave in there, you're making me very" she says, before interrupted by own burp. Favourite e-junkie story by NoArtHereOnlyFat? (could influence what comes next, don't worry if you haven't been able to purchase & read them all, just pick your favourite if you have one) 77 votes. Just like to pass the time writing. One day while walking through the woods, they came across a most mysterious sight. After awakening a couple of hundred pounds heavier, unable to escape the witch's charms Gretel finds herself mercilessly stuffed with yummy food as the witch introduces her to the more erotic side of being an. Abby wished it was possible to actually quiet her own stomach without food, but the human body does what the human body wants and audible hunger cues are one of them. DA claims this is a 65 minute read. Check out noarthereonlyfat's art on DeviantArt. New SSBHM weight gain expansion story!. I'm a big girl who likes big girls! Profile Comments 27. A Dream Where You Get Way Too Fat (Part 2) A Dream Where You Get Way Too Fat (Part 2) "Look how fat she got!" A large group of about twelve or so trendy skinny guys and girls who look like they've had a few drinks go to a fancy pub style restaurant for. Check out camijg's art on DeviantArt. T! It was at that point she decided to do something about it. Groups they admin or create will appear here. United States; Deviant for 16 years; He / Him; Badges. Ten new food items, all with their own artwork. Not only was I into the idea of being trapped or stuck in some way, I was also fixated on fat and weight. United States; Deviant for 10 years;. he chuckled patting the top of her swollen belly. @noarthereonlyfat noarthereonlyfat. Almost her entire life, since she had learned the truth about her family's ancestors and the origins of …. Parts of this story will be too hot, or too ideologically sensitive for dA, also I'm selling out :) but at least it means. Check out Bostonbaby33's art on DeviantArt. Chubby girl Gretel discovers an edible house and makes a little piggy out of herself. All You Can Eat (an AI writing experiment) Sally's boyfriend watched in horror as his girlfriend stuffed herself with food. Sarah Makes a Choice (extended ending). The bed is extremely comfortable, seemingly easily able to support my. Mary, the fattest girl in her school, was lost and had stumbled upon it. Check out BetweenthePanels's art on DeviantArt. Plump face, full-round breasts, round belly, perky fat rear, ample thighs and calves. She stood around 5 foot 4 and had golden blond hair with bright blue eyes behind it. animated animation bbw body chubby exercise exercising expansion fat feast feedee feeding female forcefeeding gain gif. Very Fattening Fantasies: Christina, Bridget, Brian, and the Body Butter. Hi there Little Piggy by noarthereonlyfat, literature. But being a Pro Hero meant changing your lifestyle to keep the income flowing - lagging. fatface hyperimmobile hyperweightgain blobweightgain williammagpie planetcrush. Gretel's Never Ending Gluttony Part 1. Browse the user profile and get inspired. Check out WideLoadInc's art on DeviantArt. Another of those short stories where you have to make up the rest in your head. Check back soon! Profile Comments 40. With the beer can empty, she tossed it off the side of the bed she was propped up on with a dozen sweat soaked pillows. Contains unrestrained gluttony, force feeding, hyper-weight gain of immense proportions, and lots of chocolate. A short rapid weight gain tale about a greedy girl who single handedly nearly eats an all you can eat buffet out of business. Check out theyeetman's art on DeviantArt. As she began to fill out develop curves, she also developed an insatiable appetite. PyroPikmin50 User Profile. She struggled to get up but was pinned down by her own fat. kristykremequeen User Profile. RubiWanJinn on DeviantArt https://www. Hi there Little Piggy by noarthereonlyfat on DeviantArt">Hi there Little Piggy by noarthereonlyfat on DeviantArt. IF YOU’RE NOT A FAN, DON’T READ. RecklessJack on DeviantArt https://www. Sarah sat in class waiting impatiently for the school day to end. 3rd Circle by sadisticfeeder, literature. Jess' Fattening Fantasy (Full Story Parts 1 & 2) AUD 5. Explore the Fat 2nd Person Stories collection - the favourite images chosen by FornaxCollector on DeviantArt. Second Saxxon pic colored for. noarthereonlyfat on DeviantArt">Cake Dream by noarthereonlyfat on DeviantArt. She looked down, and saw her gently rounded tummy sticking out over her tights. Zelda stared happily at Link as she watched him cook. She was stuffed way beyond full but it was time for dessert now. Loved your portrayal of her gluttony and the idea of her expanding at the end was super hot. A DELICIOUS DISCOVERY Once upon a time, in the land of Titania, there lived two Princesses who loved to play together in the black forest. I had to undo a button on my jeans. All her troubles had started at her local bakery where she stopped by. It’s always been her greatest weakness. curious but what do you think of this mercy artwork? Jul 18, 2020. Explore the Stories collection - the favourite images chosen by Naughty-Ness on DeviantArt. Tiffany looked around puzzled, her overly plump naked body jiggling as she took a cautious step forward. The source of this problem is tumblr. 3- Bursting Her Buttons: A Female WG Story. Too fat and helpless to even …. com/g3na1/art/Courtney-sow-was-a-bouncy-cute-cheerleader-986642380 G3NA1. Thanks for watching! Welcome to DA! Reply. Explore the Fat 3D collection - the favourite images chosen by DigitalAdiposity on DeviantArt. JodieBlimpRP User Profile. Voice acting by yours truly :$ Please let me know what you think <3 (no jokes about my accent! :P). FatBoySkinnyGirl Hasn’t Joined Any Groups yet. Burp! This rather dark children's story . Check out jehhehehe's art on DeviantArt. That’s the eleventh grumble this hour. An experienced psychiatrist helps a …. Tiffany's mouth watered and she began subconsciously …. WARNING: CONTAINS WEIGHT GAIN, TUBEFEEDING, AND OTHER MATURE THEMES. My love handles covered the arms of the chair, and pushed viciously against them. Valentine's day is now included in my Patreon and my Deviantart Subs listen to the full 7 minutes of Breast Expansion audio content along …. No Such Thing as Too Fat by noarthereonlyfat, literature. weeb-lord, noarthereonlyfat, theManWithaMagicMind. Marica was 25, and was a tall, voluptuous woman, with long, blonde, slightly curly hair that cascaded down her back towards her chunky, curvy bottom. Thank you so much for watching! You now have easy access to a growing selection of nearly 2000 images including over 200 exclusively available to watchers like you! If you. yeetyote0118 User Profile. There had been a moment, soon after she left home and went off to school, that everything changed. if you’re not into that, you may wish to take your reading needs elsewhere. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. Check out softchubbystrawberry's art on DeviantArt. The new version of the feeding game comes with multiple waves of food and the option to choose which foods you are given. noarthereonlyfat on DeviantArt">Tabitha's Time (fan edit) by noarthereonlyfat on DeviantArt. Dessert by noarthereonlyfat, literature. I write chub, mpreg and inflation related shorts. Once they’ve joined groups, you’ll see them here. However, she was no longer a young ex-student. My god, you'll be the fattest girl in the world,. Discovering artists by chance by JayTee. She looked like a drop dead gorgeous red-headed green-eyed model except for the two almost invisible bumps on her head where her horns used to be and also one on her rear that used to be the base. Check out lwilliams2016's art on DeviantArt. No characters here, no message, just porn. A high school cheerleader struggles to control her appetite. com/noarthereonlyfat/art/Fattening-Ally-The-Spirit-of-Gluttony-p3-632434499 noarthereonlyfat. Check out TiasTummy's art on DeviantArt. Ever since his hormones had recently kicked into overdrive and wet dreams and sexual fantasies began to occur on a regular basis, sometimes several times a night. Anyway, if you're interested in my patreon dealio, then here's the link my friend : patreon. She was never able to resist the temptation of fattening foods, a greedy girl who always wanted MORE! However, being only nineteen she often felt very embarrassed about her weight, but that was …. The room was made out of pizza. A young college student in the process of discovering her feedee tendencies begins to have very vivid and erotic fantasies about gaining weight. I think it's time we had a little chat …. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr. She nervously put the cover back on the cookie jar. Too fat and helpless to even reach for more food, but don't worry, I'll keep feeding you more, and more, and more! Pancakes, donuts, cupcakes, pies, chocolate, ice-cream, so much food! And you have to eat it ALL! I won't want to stop until you're the fattest naughtiest piggy. chubbychiquita User Profile. Character made by Nintendo and Monolith Soft. Samuel groaned rolling out of bed in the morning. Biggest Glutton in the World by noarthereonlyfat on DeviantArt. com/recklessjack/art/Jea-steel-Ondyr-reff-587965809 …. So your girlfriend shares your taste in women also? There's probably a story behind this isn't there. Will post my writings at some point. There I was at the pastry shop. Parts 2 of an illustration for 's story 'Cake Dream' which can be found here: noarthereonlyfat.